5 DIY Escape Room Ideas for Your Own House

Escape rooms are loved by everyone. And what’s better than a DIY escape room that you can easily build at your home? They make for a perfect activity to indulge in during birthday celebrations, special holidays, a fun weekend, or as a throwback party game for both children and adults. It will keep your guests entertained with puzzles that are super enjoyable to solve. An ultimate family and friend bonding game, the escape rooms at home are simple, feasible, and better than the online escape games. You can have tons of fun and quality time while staying away from your electronic devices.
With a creative twist and a touch of cool riddles, you can easily design engaging challenges and puzzles from the basic objects around you. To make it more difficult, you can add a lot of clues and scatter them throughout to create confusion amongst the players. The more amusing your puzzles will be, the more invested your audience will be in solving it to the end.
To further make it easy, we are providing you with some of the most appealing escape room designs that are suitable for any home. These concepts are effortless and comfortable ways for incorporating an escape room experience in your home that will appeal to all age groups. So let us look at the 5 DIY escape room ideas for your own house:
Secured boxes and cubes
Cubes and boxes are some of the most enigmatic objects that carry an aura of mystification with them. To make your puzzles gripping with suspense, you can try hiding clues and keys to the next challenge in locked boxes. Scatter the hints to open these boxes throughout the house and design the cover of the boxes with colorful paper for both the aesthetic appeal and for pasting hints to finding their keys. Attach symbols, words, or number codes on various cubes and hide them in clever spots in your puzzle room such that when all of them are found, they unite to provide a single answer to the next bigger clue.

Dolls and toys
Inculcation of mechanic toys and dolls provides an extra touch of inclination towards a game. Just place a few dolls in different places of your house with symbolic clues fastened to their body parts like the hand and palm, leg, or the back and you are ready to go with a great escape room design. And to add to this theme, hang in a couple of toys that have the keys of the various locks around on the ceiling. Give them some makeover to let them blend in with the setting of your puzzle room and as a bonus, use these props as further attachments to the next hint. This will keep your guests absorbed for a long while and give them a chance to have fun together with the children.

A bunch of distinct locks
Locks come in different shapes and sizes. And many of these little fellows lie useless around our house. A DIY escape room at home is the perfect way for you to make use of them. Collect the locks and their keys at your place and assign each one of them with different numbers and their associated letters – for example, if you’ve named a lock as A, mark its key as 1. Arrange them according to their size and place them with cryptic clues around the setting of your escape room. And for the answer to the final door, the combination of these numerals and alphabets could hint towards a new solution.

Balloons with messages
Balloons are an all-time favorite of many people. Their never-exhausting appeal can become a great way for you to deliver entertainment and a cheerful experience for your audience in your escape room. You can paste small images or write pointers on how to finish a challenge and fix these floating things on the walls, ceiling, or doors. To make it more interesting, you can even add clues written on folded paper and put them inside these balloons labeled as ‘Pop Me!’ And once they get pricked, the team can find the next puzzle from its inside.

Glow in the dark paint
You can explore plenty of creative and witty ideas using glow-in-the-dark paint. Your secret tip could be written anywhere – the window, the back of the door, the walls, or on parchment of paper or any plane surface. It could even be a cheat map to reach the final puzzle. Just set them around carefully and see how amusement unfurls as people try to look for answers through these cryptic messages.

A Bonus: Old books and cutouts from newspapers and magazines
Stacks of newspapers and old magazines that are no longer relevant to you could become your impromptu alley. Cut out words, letters, and images from these discarded piles to paste and attach them to different places and objects in your house. They could also be carved out as a word from the answer sentence and stuck together like a puzzle designed in the form of guiding arrows placed on the floor or the walls as another clue to the game.

So this list must have given you plenty of groovy concepts to start building your escape room at home. As long as you are inspired to create something exciting and out-of-the-box, you will always come up with unique ideas of your own to make use of the things available around you. Before your guests arrive on the set date, hack your brain and create as many tricky challenges and puzzles as you can make so that later, they are the ones left to get a grip on their grey matter to solve the game. And having fun is important while doing anything, so remember to have a blast while you set them up around!

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